Area property deed transfers, June 20



Published: 06-19-2024 7:01 AM


Daniel L. Wright and Kie J. Kuwabara to Smith Int and Andrew E. Smith, 15 Alyssum Dr., $830,000

Sandri Realty Inc. to Amir Mikhchi and Fatemeh Giahi, 40 Belchertown Road, $400,000

Kara Parks Fontenot RET and Kara P. Fontenot to 24 Canton Ave LLC, 24 Canton Ave, $438,000

Aaron J. Britt and Sharon L. Britt to Kwan H. Lee and Hea Lee, 91 E. Hadley Road, $370,000

Yaeko N. Wartel to Michael Berins and Tina Berins, 170 East Hadley Road Lot 124, $265,000

Saman Jafari to Jeff J. Mitchell and Emily J. Simpson, 64 Heatherstone Road, $611,000

Amy C. Glynn to Lucia Monge and Brian J. House, 3 Ladyslipper Circle, $830,000

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Amir Mikhchi to Ann F. Paradis and Marcia J. Zutautas, 70 Leverett Road, $460,000

John A Cameron RET and John A. Cameron to Ingo Helmich and Stephanie Miceli, 77 Morgan Circle, $627,000

Katarina J. Hallonblad and James A. Helling to Jason Lemoine and Elizabeth Lemoine, 16 S. Sunset Ave., $775,000

Allen D. Hadden and Jennifer S. Hadden to Mohammed A. Dastigir and Heekwi L. Dastigir, 25 Salem Place, Lot 25, $191,500


Kirk B. Stephens to Perinciple Prop Mgmt LLC, Daniel Shays Highway, Lot 31.42, $104,900

Brian A. Duprey and Janella B. Duprey to Wyatt B. Couture, 30 Jasons Way, $725,000

Gonzalo Aguilar and Angela Arnelaez to Lelie Ellis, 33 Magnolia Lane, $651,000

Vbc Rentals LLC to Joshua Cox, 29 Old Amherst Road, $429,800


Mountain Stream LLC to Ross A. Lama and Rachel A. Rice, Packard Road, $45,000


Elizabeth R. Crocker to Vicki I. Grodsky and Daniel M. Styklunas, 7 Beechwood Ave., $527,000

Eve Endicott to Patrick Casey, 9 Lang Ave., $650,000

Hill-Ture T and James W. Hill to Suresh R. Madhwapathy, 233 Park St., $384,000

Pah Properties LLC to Dennis J. Meehan III and Elizabeth K. Young, 13 Sterling Dr., $509,000


Kaylee A. Bean to Deanna L. Veinotte and Bruce Veinotte, 201 Amherst St., $750,000

John Dearing II and Laurie Dearing to Christopher T. Howell, 6 Crescent Valley, Lot 6, $300,000, B: S:

Marc L. Laflamme and Bruce A. Laflamme to Dgl Properties LLC, East Street, Lot 4, $108,000


Amy M. Orourke to Robert S. Niedbala, 30 Cemetery Road, $30,000

Amy M. Orourke to Daniel T. Chunglo Jr., 42 Cemetery Road, $91,500

Amy M. Orourke to Daniel T. Chunglo Jr., 44 Cemetery Road, $91,500

Bercume Construction LLC to Emily C. Nutwell and Brian M. Nutwell, 1 Colony Dr., $801,000

Randall G. Stokes and Jo A. Stokes to Manuel Morocho and Rosa A. Morocho, North Maple Street, Lot L, $26,000

Randall G. Store and Jo A. Stokes to Manuel Morocho and Rosa A. Morocho, 68 N. Maple St., $420,000


Michael Packard to Donna L. Rowe, 113 Depot Road, $440,000


Anthony H-Santiago Jr. to Franchesca Ruiz, 48 Clemente St., $226,000

Luis Rosado-Cardona and Kevin A. Morales to Juan C. Nunez, 4 Columbia St., $460,000

Joan E. Erwin to Appleton Grove LLC, 1 Fairfield Ave., $124,500

Steven J. Rogers and Carolyn A. Rogers to Benjamin H. Normandin, 11 Gordon Dr., $255,000

Ellen Correa and Diana E. Yousfi to Gabriel Quaglia, 7-9 Myrtle Ave., $430,000

Joseph W Dubois Sr Irt and Joseph W. Dubois Jr. to Jennifer T. Walsh and Collin Glasow, 17 Steven Dr., $300,000


Ivy J. Mcclaflin to Leah M. Wilson, 1 Allen Coit Road, $215,000


Herman Copen RET and John R. Copen to Seamus Currie, 80 Damon Road, Lot 2103, $173,000

Amanda C. Dixon to Baker Int and Milton Baker, 40 Ridgewood Terrace, $705,000

Michele L. Ruschhaupt to Painted Rock Four LLC, 12 Vernon St., $664,000

Denise M. Diminuco and Karla J. Oneill to Susan W. Chichester and Anne E. Chichester, 43 Wilson Ave., $630,000


George W. Goodman and Lyndia Long to Timothy Pachirat and Samantha Pachirat, 17 Buffam Road, $800,000


Amerihome Mtg Com LLC to Thomas A. Carriker and Donna L. Carriker, 305 Main St., $225,425


William F. Jerome and Brenda J. Jerome to 54 Canal LLC, 54 Canal St., $325,000

Zurheide C F Est and Sarah R. Zurpheide to Jason C. Zurheide, 4 Country Lane, $285,000

Mark W. Gingras and Gail Gingras to David Taus and Erin Saladin, 21 Highland Ave., $500,000

Emily C. Dannen and Michel J. Dannen to Eric W. Perkins and Erica C. Wheeler-Perkins, 140 Pine Grove Dr., Lot 140, $333,000


David A. Schoen and Denise M. Schoen to Craig M. Schoen and Samantha L. Schoen, 14 Glendale Woods Dr., $575,000


Tallage Brooks LLC to Wicked Deals LLC, 29 Aspen St., $40,000

Home Improvement Maintena to Kaleena Fadden and Christopher Fadden, 3 Berkshire Circle, $430,000

Linda F. Ricko to Jose Rosario and Cherish Racine, 32 Eagle St., $175,000

Jennifer L. Leclair to Zachary T. Leclair, 33 Gould Road, $138,000

Karen L. Lackman and George Lackman Jr. to April G. Kubaska and David T. Kubaska, 54 Marjorie St., $280,000

Stephanie L. Henley to James R. Bergeron and Rachel Bergeron, 16 Meadow Road, $324,000

Charles W. Thomas to Michele M. Maltais and Gregg A. Lesperance, 19 Shoreline Dr., $450,000

Avvy Hld Group LLC to Angel G. Garcia Jr and Joelimar A. Collazo, 59 W. Main St., $250,000

Michelle A. Eckert to Olivia Ricci, 16 Warebrook Village, $230,000


Jerrilee Cain RET and Jerrilee Cain to Vance G. Richardson and Clark G. Pearce, 591 Old Post Road, $700,000

Franklin County


Leslie Wilson to David J. Dacyczyn and Mary E. Dacyczyn, 5 Duncan Drive, Lot B, $328,500

Dorothy M. Milewski and Brian Milewski to Ryan C. Kingston and Mallory J. Sullivan, 46 Eastern Ave., $437,239

Field Point Circle Trust and Daniel L. Mosley to 7 Memorial St. Trust and Francesco Bharone, 7 Memorial St., $1,990,000


Brenda Wood-Ewing to Clare Storck and Joshua Danoff, 52 Shore Drive, $285,000

Michael Pill to Julie A. Jonassen and Richard A. Rabe, West Pelham Road, $45,000


Timothy N. Wilcox and Caroline C. Pam to Kitchen Garden Farm LLC, South Silver Lane, $400,000

Timothy N. Wilcox and Caroline C. Pam to Kitchen Garden Farm LLC, 131 South Silver Lane, $800,000