Area property deed transfers, May 16



Published: 05-15-2024 12:39 PM


Gary A. Leaf to Arzum Akkas, 80 Amity Place, Lot 80, $561,000

Melida D. Dyar to Yg Chestnut 161 LLC, 161 Chestnut St., $695,800

Aaron B. St John to Musbah Shaeen, 500 West St., Lot 16, $330,000

Mark S. Bauer and Caroline Bauer to Andrija Rasin and Irena Stanic-Rasin, 15 Winston Court, Lot 15, $342,000


Johnny C. Allen and Lisa A. Allen to Alee T. Morgado and Mia Rotatori, 365 Bardwell St., $460,000


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Elizabeth R. Anderson to Rachel D. Bond and Adam R. Karp, 20 Exeter St., Lot 20, $360,000

18 Gaugh LLC to Thom Properties LLC, 18 Gaugh St., $470,000

Jill J. Cooney and Judith G. Jordan to Emma P. Shumeyko and Nicholas Shumeyko, 148 Holyoke St., $325,000

Parda Lynn F Est and Ellen A. Parda to W Marek Inc., 122 Parsons St., $200,000

Jade C. Schapiro to Kataya Schapiro, 14 River Valley Way, $70,000

Charles T. Conner to Kuber Krupa LLC, 41 South St., Lot 62, $216,500


Roach Kathleen Est and Kimberly Welch to Ptb Realty LLC, 92 Batchelor St., $170,000

Nawrockis Inc to Golden Lotus Rt and Jianhao Liu, 119 School St., $170,000


Shaun Mcconkey and Nancy Mcconkey to Max Borten RET and Max Borten, 12 Indian Pipe Dr., $1,100,000


Elise M. Roy to Julia A. Meslener and Daniel J. Rosenthal, 25 Amherst St., $365,000

Joyce G. Smalley to Aisling Buckley, 52 Belvidere Ave., $250,000

Smith Madeline R Est and Donna Horne to Jane A. Heye, 31 Columbus Ave., $270,000

Peter N. Papineau and Cheryl A. Shober to Brian T. Jackson and Heather Handfield, 67 Edward Dr., $284,000

Meara Properties LLC and Gallagher Cap Group LLC to John R. Oconnell and Daniel C. Oconnell, 24 Fairfield Ave., $450,000

Gloria D. Neves and Luisa Neves-Jarrett to Alexander Alfano and Dorothy Forgie, 151 Homestead Ave., $500,000

Daigle Joan M Est and Karen Cadieux to Kenneth Revett, 14 Orchard St., $271,000

Nathan Chung to Manuel F. Lucio and Sook Y. Tang, 9 Prew Ave., Lot 4A, $95,000


Rajam Elizabeth A Est and Jillian R. Mcgrath to Patricia V. Huff, 48 Chapel St., Lot F, $325,000

Mark W. Erba to Irhe Sohn and Chanhee Cho, 20 Ormond Dr., $500,000


Scott Ronald A Est and Todd Scott to Frank Reyes and Adam D. Lafield, 49 N. Union St., $225,000


Jason M. Walker and Amadna G. Walker to Bryan Gleason and Kristyn Gleason, 11 Ashton Lane, $575,000

Sandra Stoughton to John D. Henson and Liza Hernandez, 49 Bolton St., Lot 1, $328,000

Francis Geraghty to Amanda Walker, 19 Dartmouth St., $292,000

Kevin Mccarthy and Lisa Mccarthy to Julie E. Steiner, 25 High St., $600,000

Jn Duquette & Son Const I to Julie E. Sansoucy, 24 Lyon Grn, $629,500

Altagracia Ramirez to Nicholas Fieldging, 160 N. Main St., $475,000

Paul H. Douglas and Katherine P. Douglas to Mary L. Richardson, 27 Rivercrest Way, Lot 27, $519,000


Ninsheng Zhu to Michael F. Seklecki and Jacqueline R. Seklecki, 20 Katelyn Way, $700,000

Cheryl Denardo to Kelly A. Freeman and Gregory E. Freeman, 535 Russellville Road, $617,000

Cheryl Denardo to Kelly A. Freeman and Gregory E. Freeman, Russellville Road (rear), $617,000


Christine Stochlinski to Chad Balicki and Megan Berube, 35 Bacon Road, $379,000

Ying X. Chen to Li T. Ly, 18 High St., $110,000

Lynn A. Liquornik to Fumi Realty Inc., 1 Pleasant Terrace, $165,000

Mackenna Hogan to Henry Valerio and Ilianette Lugo-Morales, 45 South St., $310,000

Donald Williams to Robert Rucki Jr. and Tara N. Rucki, Upper North Street, Lot 2, $135,000

Franklin County


Mitchell J. Hawkins and Marcia J. Hawkins to Hamilton Land Group LLC, Conway Road, $20,787

Mildred G. Winn Estate and Sondra Lavariere to ARPC LLC, 594 Greenfield Road, $178,321


Mariah T. Lapiroff to Todd E. Fruth, 180 Hadley Road, $80,000


Cynthia A. Skroski and Charlotte Tenero to Jake Skroski, 105 Christian Lane, $200,000