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Jane Myers: Northampton Planning Board’s site plan approval threatens our neighborhood

02-01-2024 4:50 PM

Many neighboring residents attended and spoke at the Jan. 25 public hearing on the Nu-Way Homes proposal for 14 Garfield St. in Florence. We unanimously opposed this project because its density, appearance, and safety are completely inappropriate for...

Grant Ingle: Beware glyphosate in plant-based foods

02-01-2024 4:50 PM

A recent front-page article, “Spicing up breakfast,” [Gazette, Jan. 23] explained how Smith College Dining Services is attempting to make 50% of breakfast and brunch offerings plant-based. While this effort is to be applauded, there is a downside to...

Guest columnist Jonathan Kahane: Can’t let mistaken criticisms of column go unanswered

01-31-2024 6:33 PM

By JONATHAN KAHANE Now that some of the dust has settled since my last guest column [“Haunted by questions with no good answers,” Gazette, Dec. 28], I will take this opportunity to try and rectify distortions that were submitted in letters during the...

Jack Hornor: Trump backers aren’t somehow ‘less than’

01-31-2024 6:32 PM

I am not a supporter of Donald Trump, and I have many negative feelings about his presidency. But I have no negative feelings about anyone who voted for him or who supports him now.Almost 63 million people voted for Trump. These people are husbands,...

Larry Steinhauser: Cooley Dickinson Healthcare system: Thank you!

01-31-2024 6:32 PM

As a 70-year old person I have always prided myself on being healthy and active. Never spent a night in a hospital and never had major surgery. In December this changed when I had total knee replacement surgery. All of this happened under the Cooley...

Guest columnist Gene Stamell: Is my friend Peter a narcissist?

01-31-2024 6:32 PM


For the great majority of my life, I haven’t given the term “narcissism” much thought. The condition simply didn’t cross my radar. Certainly, I have known a number of people who possessed large, overinflated egos, but it wasn’t until I started...

Guest columnist Ben Tobin: No real fix for education, just empty narrative of innovation

01-30-2024 4:24 PM

By BEN TOBINIt speaks to the diminished role of our school systems that we are starting to see the emergence of student-led conferences. As the recent federal probe into Massachusetts’ special education system has laid bare, our entire system has...

Guest columnist Michael Miller: Abortion bans can’t stand up to scrutiny

01-30-2024 4:24 PM


The regulation of individual women’s abortion rights has long been debated in the U.S. In the 19th century, Matilda Joslyn Gage said, “Enforced motherhood is a crime against the body of the mother and the soul of the child,” and “To say when and how...

Anthony Fyden: ‘Book banning’ hyperbole demeans real censorship

01-30-2024 4:20 PM

Like a modern-day Paul Revere, columnist Bill Newman is sounding the alarm that libraries are “under attack.” [“Libraries under attack — Fight back,” Gazette, Jan. 13]. I’ve got good news. The actual number of recently banned books is precisely zero....

Edward Golding: Housing costs and climate change

01-30-2024 4:20 PM

Massachusetts faces two important, related problems: a shortage of housing, especially affordable housing and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A recent article about discussions in Hadley over the adoption of an even more stringent...

Guest columnist Chelsea Gazillo: Law would help keep farms in families

01-29-2024 3:47 PM


When farmland owners die without a will, their heirs are often faced with an unequal division of property. Under current law, a single heir, or a speculator who buys out the interest of just one heir, can file a partition action in court and force a...

Guest columnist Aubrey Menard: They paved paradise and put up a storage facility

01-29-2024 3:47 PM


Every spring, as the Valley turns green and warmth returns to the air, I look forward to pulling my bike out and going for a ride. I live in Amherst, so one of my favorite places to ride is along the Norwottuck Rail Trail, past the beautiful Hadley...

Guest columnist Andy Morris-Friedman: A wing and a prayer

01-29-2024 3:45 PM


It’s time to give the airplane industry its props. Despite having the doors blown off, I’m still a big supporter of the Boeing 737 Max. They call it the “Max” because it’s the most profitable plane ever produced. There is still no 100% definitive...

Laura Bogdanowicz: Excellent article on World War II hero

01-29-2024 3:44 PM

Thank you to the Gazette and writer Bob Flahety for publishing and honoring a local WWII hero [“World War II sailor finally coming home to Holyoke,” Gazette, Jan. 27]. Your written words, coverage, and reporting not only helped bring closure to a...

Guest columnist Dan Peters: No, you bleep: Refs have had enough

01-29-2024 9:31 AM


Imagine being at your workplace trying to perform your job duties and you hear your boss yell the following comments directed at you:“That’s terrible!”“Open up your eyes.”“You blew that one!”“Where are your glasses?!?!”Can you imagine trying to work...

Guest columnist Daniel Cantor Yalowitz: Why does winning have to mean someone loses?

01-29-2024 7:01 AM


“Winning is not everything, it’s the only thing.” — Vince Lombardi (1955)We live in an increasingly ultra-competitive world. In the U.S., our children are trained from an early age not only about determination, discipline, and persistence, but also...

Matteo Pangallo: All the ‘good’ Trump did

01-28-2024 10:01 PM

A letter in the Jan. 25 Gazette urges us to remember “all the good Trump did when he was in office.” I would agree with that suggestion, and to make it easier for other readers to do as that letter suggests, I’ve prepared the following detailed list...

Randi Stein: Should try connecting with her tribe

01-28-2024 9:01 PM

I am offended and bewildered by the words of guest columnist Sarena Neyman, who says she is “losing her tribe over Gaza.” [“Losing my tribe over Gaza,” Gazette, Jan. 20]. While I want to hasten to say I too have come to a position that a cease-fire...

Guest columnist Rutherford H. Platt: Reasons to question ‘trophy projects’

01-26-2024 7:01 PM


On Jan. 5, 2023, the Northampton City Council celebrated the new year by allocating $1 million to each of Mayor Gina-Louise Sciarra’s two trophy projects: “Picture Main Street” and the Resilience Hub. These amounts were drawn from the COVID-era...

Guest columnist Musbah Shaheen: Why is a Springfield church proselytizing in the Hadley Target?

01-26-2024 3:44 PM


Having spent four years in Tennessee and another four years in Ohio, I was accustomed to running into proselytizers — members of a church or congregation attempting to introduce people to their religion. It has typically been Mormon elders who, in all...

Displaying articles 101 to 120 out of 1769 total.
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