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Art that traveled far, wide: Smith College exhibit showcases venerable art from the Persianate world

02-08-2024 3:29 PM


Before it became recognized by its modern name in 1935, Iran was known for centuries — at least in the western world — as Persia, a name that reflected the language of the same name and the culture that was part of it.In the 1970s, academics coined...

Still harmonizing after all these years: Silver Chord Bowl marks its 40th anniversary

02-08-2024 3:21 PM


The 1980s witnessed the start of what have become some longstanding artistic landmarks in Northampton: the Young@Heart Chorus, the downtown New Year’s Eve festival called First Night Northampton, and a good-natured competition involving collegiate a...

The Beat Goes On: Acclaimed dobro player shows her singer-songwriter side in Northampton, an eclectic duo comes to Florence, and more

02-08-2024 1:37 PM


The Parlor Room features a steady stream of singer-songwriters, given the Northampton club’s intimate setting is ideal for acoustic music.The vast majority of those performers come bearing acoustic guitars. But Abbie Gardner will bring her dobro, or...

Get Growing with Mickey Rathbun: A garden is a canvas: “Painting the Modern Garden: From Monet to Matisse” comes to Amherst Cinema

02-08-2024 1:35 PM


As the calendar page flips to the short but cruel month of February, I suspect that many gardeners, like me, are getting tired of the somber palette of gray and brown.Just in time to rescue us from seasonal ennui, a wonderful documentary, “Painting...

Only Human with Joan Axelrod-Contrada: ‘Money, it’s a gas’: Exploring both sides of the coin when costly bills surprise us

02-08-2024 1:34 PM


Every time I hear the classic song “Money” by Pink Floyd, I think about my complicated relationship with the almighty dollar.Who hasn’t felt pushed and pulled between the seductive power of our currency and its ability to crush us? Not surprisingly,...

Animal tales: Northampton exhibit of photography and poetry looks at the threats animals face, as well as their beauty

02-02-2024 11:53 AM


When he was growing up in New York City, Florence photographer Stephen Petegorsky was fascinated by the skeletons and diorama displays of animals in places like the city’s Museum of Natural History, developing an early interest in the science and art...

Book Bag: ‘The Sacred Dog’ by Joan Livingston; ‘Mud Pie’ by Lauren Arienzale

02-02-2024 11:52 AM


The Sacred DogBy Joan LivingstonDarkstroke Books Franklin County author Joan Livingston, a former reporter and editor who once covered the Hilltowns for the Gazette, has used her experience to create a series of mystery novels set in similar towns,...

Weekly Food Photo Contest: This week’s winner: Rachel Markowitz of Northampton

02-02-2024 11:52 AM

With this winning photo, Rachel Markowitz of Northampton brings us closer to granola than we’ve ever been before. Her homemade batch “adds the necessary crunch and spice to my morning yogurt-and-fruit bowls.”How to enter: Snap a pic of something...

Valley Bounty: Micro but mighty: At a new farm in South Hadley, small is beautiful — and delicious

02-02-2024 11:50 AM


If there’s a lesson to be learned from Love Leaf Farm in South Hadley, it’s this: don’t judge a farm by its size … or the size of their crops, for that matter.In the words of farmer-owner Michael Fredette, “Love Leaf Farm is a very small, indoor...

Rare views into an earlier age: Clark Art Institute exhibits some 80 original images in paper and photographs

02-02-2024 10:43 AM


There are those who see winter not as a season but as a siege. They tire of shoveling white glittering fractals from their driveways and see snow as the unnecessary freezing of water.If you’re among those who don’t consider the frozen monochrome of...

In time for downbeat: Jazz record designer Jack Frisch hosts new jazz show on Valley Free Radio to ‘get the music out there’

02-01-2024 3:13 PM


Back in the 1980s, Jack Frisch, then in his early twenties, got bitten pretty hard by the jazz bug, taking the ferry from his home in Staten Island, New York, over to Manhattan with some friends and haunting record shops.His interest had been...

Arts Briefs: New exhibits and a gallery expansion in Easthampton, a musical cabaret in Amherst, and more

02-01-2024 3:08 PM

A grand reopeningEASTHAMPTON — With a dramatic increase in space, 50 Arrow Gallery will inaugurate its new locale Feb. 8 with a celebratory reopening and the unveiling of a new exhibit, featuring the work of Valley artist David Andrews.The gallery’s...

Earth Matters: Queering the outdoors: The Venture Out Project empowers LGBTQIA2S+ people through community and adventure

02-01-2024 3:07 PM


Affinity spaces for queer people are essential, to share the things we carry. To meet friends, trade craft and clothing, talk about our lives, how to find doctors and well-sewn binders, how to come out, change a tire, ask for a raise, or cook for a...

Around and About with Richard McCarthy: Plane of dreams: Cheering on young athletes as they gain life experiences

02-01-2024 3:07 PM


Recently, I was at an airport and waiting for the same plane was a group of what looked to be about 12-to-14-year-old boys, all wearing the same black sweatsuits, with the same logo on the front of the sweatshirt. You could feel the electricity...

‘Creole love call’: Gombo launches new music series starting Feb. 2 with jazz reedman Evan Arntzen

01-26-2024 2:18 PM


When John Piskor opened his Cajun-style restaurant, Gombo Nola Kitchen & Oyster Bar, in Northampton last year, he said he eventually wanted it to turn it into something akin to a New Orleans cafe, where people come out for a drink and live music after...

Valley Bounty: New horizons for a small dairy farm: O’Brien Farm in Orange opts to strategize, not pasteurize

01-26-2024 12:39 PM


‘We do a little bit of everything,” says Andrea O’Brien of O’Brien Farm in Orange. “But mostly we milk cows.”Running a successful dairy farm requires commitment, perseverance and creativity. That’s especially true in recent times, as the costs of...

Earth Matters: Facing the ‘age of humans’: Should a new epoch, the Anthropocene, be initiated to reflect human impact on Earth?

01-26-2024 12:35 PM


As I concentrated on the computer screen, the news played in the background. A story about the environment got my attention, causing me to sit back and listen more carefully. I played the piece again to be sure I heard it correctly.In summer 2023, the...

Weekly Food Photo Contest: This week’s winner: Robert Boulrice of Florence

01-26-2024 12:33 PM

Robert Boulrice of Florence wins the prize for best subject line of an email: “Antipasto!” This one, which he created, “features grilled asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, eggplant seasoned with Italian herbs then breaded and fried, sweet red peppers,...

Let’s Talk Relationships: How to give a good apology: Apologizing is key to restoring trust in relationships

01-26-2024 12:31 PM


It is inevitable that we are going to make mistakes and sometimes hurt others, even those we love. When a relationship has been impacted by harmful words or actions, offering a sincere, heartfelt apology can go a long way toward mending the rupture....

‘You don’t look like a doctor’: Documentary film looks at the biases and challenges Black women physicians face 

01-25-2024 3:05 PM


Dr. Khama Ennis had come a long way in her medical career.Until 2022, the Amherst resident had spent about two decades in emergency medicine, including a number of years as chief of emergency medicine at Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton, as...

Displaying articles 21 to 40 out of 325 total.
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