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Staying in the game: Veteran actors and teachers Raye and Candace Birk are still involved with theater after decades of performance

01-25-2024 3:02 PM


Looking for some talented older actors who can play a wide range of roles? Who have decades of experience in theater, film and television?Raye Birk and Candace Barrett Birk are at your service.The Florence couple, relatively new transplants to the...

The Beat Goes On: A busy couple of weeks at The Drake, a new acoustic music series in Holyoke, and more

01-25-2024 2:58 PM


In my last column, I mentioned that The Parlor Room in Northampton and the Marigold Theater are maintaining busy schedules right through these early, dead-of-winter days.Another area venue that keeps pumping up the music is The Drake in Amherst, and...

Speaking of Nature: Drama at the feeders: The arrival of winter means the arrival of some foul-weather friends

01-24-2024 10:30 AM


It appears as though winter has finally arrived. November and December (most of which is technically autumn) were very mild and all through the Christmas break the high temperatures were consistently above freezing. This resulted in little to no snow...

‘Oppenheimer’ dominates Oscar nominees

01-23-2024 10:57 AM


NEW YORK — After a tumultuous movie year marred by strikes and work stoppages, the Academy Awards showered nominations Tuesday on Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster biopic, “Oppenheimer,” which came away with a leading 13 nominations.Nolan’s three-hour...

Hitting it big for wrong reasons: In ‘American Fiction’ at Amherst Cinema, writer’s pastiche hailed as authentic

01-19-2024 11:23 AM


Though it had only an initial limited theatrical release, and did not appear until December, “American Fiction” has already popped up on a number of critics’ “best films of 2023” lists, and the movie has been nominated for a slew of awards.The buzz is...

A song for the ages: Easthampton Theater Company presents ‘Torch Song,’ an iconic work of queer theater

01-19-2024 11:08 AM


Ever since the November 2022 elections, politicians in over a dozen Republican-controlled states have seemed to compete with each other in attacking parts of the LGBTQ community: banning or restricting gender-affirming medical care for transgender...

Valley Bounty: Farming in a winter wonderland: Lombrico Farm in Whately coaxes fresh produce from soil year-round

01-19-2024 11:07 AM


‘The best carrots you’ll ever eat are picked in January or February,” says Erik Debbink, owner of Lombrico Farm in Whately. In the dead of winter, their sweetness shines through.Lombrico Farms is one of a growing number of local farms working hard to...

There is a Season with Molly Parr: A galette so good it bore repeating: Lemon Caper Galette, inspired by the Pie Bar, with a Jacques Pepin crust

01-19-2024 11:07 AM


I’ll be first to admit that I look to restaurants for menu inspiration in my own kitchen. Broccoli Caesar Kimchi Salad from Vegan Pizzaland, I’m looking at you. And my friend Andrew, to whom I totally owe the recipe for the Kale Caesar Salad from Paul...

Weekly Food Photo Contest: This week’s winner: Shel Horowitz of Hadley

01-19-2024 11:05 AM

When it’s this cold outside, I don’t simply want to eat this savory baked french toast, I want to be it: warm, tucked cozily into a pan, full of cheese. Specifically, “rosemary, brie, whole grain mustard, and frozen raspberries from our own bush,”...

A world of dance: Teen dancers of Hatchery showcase their work, including with the Young@Heart Chorus

01-18-2024 11:11 AM


This past November, members of Hatchery, the teen dance troupe that’s part of Northampton’s School for Contemporary Dance & Thought, joined the Young@Heart Chorus at the elderly singers’ concert as part of a new dynamic: dancing to a number of songs...

Arts Briefs: Forbes library staff exhibit their artwork, Heather Maloney performs three shows in Northampton, and more

01-18-2024 11:08 AM

Making Ground, Live!NORTHAMPTON — Late last winter, the Workroom Theater, the largest space in the city’s Community Arts Trust building (33 Hawley), was set to close down for months as new construction began to complete the 3,800-square-foot...

Chalk Talk: The debate around ‘early college’: The success of these programs hinges on cross-school collaboration

01-18-2024 11:05 AM


If you’ve been near a high school for any significant amount of time in the last 10 years, you’ve likely encountered the often abstract idea of “early college.” It’s certainly an important buzzword in education these days, but what is it exactly? Does...

Speaking of Nature: It happens every year: Robins brave the snow in search of food

01-16-2024 11:45 AM


Every winter I get a few emails from readers who want to know if it is normal to see American Robins in winter and every winter I send out responses that indicate that the presence of these birds is quite normal. I then go on to discuss various...

Is Northampton still lesbian mecca? Why we must keep queer spaces alive in Northampton

01-12-2024 12:19 PM


Walking into the Majestic Saloon in Northampton feels like a breath of fresh, albeit heavily perfumed, air. The pink and purple lighting with a constant loop of popular drag queens Trixie and Katya on the TV signals that it’s a space where outcasts of...

Book Bag: ‘Kindling’ by Kathleen Jennings; ‘And the Trees Talked Back’ by Frederick J. Burns

01-12-2024 12:15 PM


KindlingBy Kathleen JenningsSmall Beer Press Kathleen Jennings had already made a name for herself as a talented illustrator of fantasy books when she began writing her own stories some years back — and it turns out she can spin some magical tales of...

Valley Bounty: One good thing to come from pandemic: Mass Food Delivery service maximizes access to farms

01-12-2024 12:15 PM


Farms are the foundation of our local food system, with farmers markets, farm stands, and community markets providing the predominant means of providing local food to customers. And for some members of the community, the ability to order fresh, local...

Get Growing with Mickey Rathbun: Thoughts of the garden in winter: Gardening has its discouraging moments, yet we persevere

01-12-2024 12:13 PM


There’s not a lot going on in my garden, now blanketed under a foot of snow, to inspire this month’s column. So I took a break from dreaming over the spring promise of seed catalogs and went in search of a soul-satisfying poem about the garden in...

A roller coaster of family history: Lisa Kron’s ‘2.5 Minute Ride’ comes to Academy of Music

01-11-2024 10:56 AM


When Lisa Kron was growing up in southern Michigan, her family would make an annual trek to a noted amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio — Cedar Point — one of the oldest operating amusement parks in the country, known in particular for its 16 different...

Aging with Adventure with Eric Weld: You are getting very sleepy: Why sleep matters so much more than we realize

01-11-2024 10:40 AM


Raise your hand if you get enough sleep.If you raised your hand, well done. Because in America, a large percentage of us do not sleep or rest enough, and the resultant detriments to our health are too numerous to count.More than one-third of adults do...

The Beat Goes On: Busy schedules at The Parlor Room and Marigold Theater, a ‘solo ensemble’ guitar concert in Greenfield, and more

01-11-2024 10:15 AM


Early January, just after the holidays and New Year’s Eve have run their course, can be a quiet time for a lot of music venues.But The Parlor Room in Northampton has put together a pretty jam-packed schedule right through this month, starting with a...

Displaying articles 41 to 60 out of 325 total.
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